Undo feature needs improvement

Fast Track is a competitive piece of software to MS Project, meeting or exceeding my needs for a project management tool - except for the severely limited UNDO feature.  

As far as I'm able to tell, there are only two instances where undo works as expected:

- a single deletion move (such as deletion of a task or a group of tasks)

- type entered into a data field, while the user is still within the modified field


All other cases where I would expect to be able to undo my moves, I'm unable to do so.  The program only stores one single move in the revision history, so as soon as you make a change and navigate away from the changed data field, you're out of luck and need to either restore an earlier version of the file or manually change all of your data fields back to their original state (if you can remember what that was).  


I hope that the product team puts a solve for this at the top of their list to remediate in a future release - it's the kind of usability flaw I haven't encountered in a piece of software in over 15 years - not acceptable for 2014.  Users should be able to undo anything they change with the file - such as bar style formatting in the Gantt or Calendar view, any changes to any type of task data, linking and unlinking tasks, parenting (indenting and outdenting) tasks, etc - any they should be able to do this by default for up to 20 states/moves.  Even better would be an option to adjust setting to allow for more undos. 



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