Zoom Zoom Zoom!

I just installed the trial version on my iMac.  Others have commented on this fundamental omission already, and I would like to add my voice, before I decide to buy this.  

I have never seen any office product in Windows or Mac that doesn't offer a zoom by % size feature.  FastTrack is a good product, but this feature is so fundamental that I am startled that AEC would not include it.  

Also, a user should be able to expand the schedule columns out to the right.  I don't mean change the range, I don't mean put a magnifier over it, and I don't mean use the computer's "accessibility for the disabled" features.  I mean make the day columns wider, so the whole schedule portion with its bars and lines is spread out and easier to read, and not so cramped.

These omissions may very well be the deciding factor against buying this product.  I may just have to install Parallels and Windows (yuk) on my Mac and buy MS Project.  I just don't see why products like this can't be developed for the Mac.  It's why Microsoft continues to dominate the government and business markets.


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