Zoom entire window

Someone has requested a feature for window zoom, but I read that request as area zoom and pan.  That's not exactly what I need.  I present and display remotely to projectors and screens I don't control.  When a schedule is projected, it is WAY to small to read in a large room.  I could do this via pdf, but we are editing the schedule in real time so I need to project the actual fast track file, not a pdf.    And I don't want to have to constantly change the font sizes in my schedule.  

I need the window to zoom similar to a browser window zoom that is available on Macs today (sorry, don't know about Windows).  In a browser, typing command-+ makes the window contents display bigger.  It is not a permanent change to the file, just a viewer zoom.  And of course supporting zoom via "pinch" for trackpads would work as well.


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