Macro language & COM interfaces

I purchased FastTrack Schedule 10 as an alternative for MS Project and I'm so far satisfied with the functionality of your product, with one huge exception, which was a big disappointment for me.

There is no proper scripting! Not FastSteps, but the ability to write macros in a programming language, like VBA in MS Office or Sax Basic in MindManager. And no COM interfaces for manipulating projects from external scripts and from other applications.

I couldn't even imagine that such a powerful application completely lacks any means of integrating it with other programs I use. For me it means inability to automate calendar & contact synchronization with Outlook, to implement linking of MindManager topics to project activities. Import/export features of FT Schedule are great, but they lack flexibility and are limited to manual operations only.

Are there any plans to implement a macro language or COM interfaces or any other form of API for FT Schedule? If not, I will probably have to buy MS Project anyway :-(


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