Dates displaying differently with the latest version of FastTrack Schedule for Mac?

Some users are finding their date formats have changed after installing the latest version of FastTrack Schedule for Mac. 

This is most likely an issue with your Application Preferences in FastTrack Schedule.

To fix this:
1. From the FastTrack Schedule 2022 menu select Application Preferences...
2. Select the Dates tab.
3. Click on the Date Order: popup.
4. Choose the Date Order that you desire.
5. Select the Display choices for your dates.
6. View the Example area to see what your choices will look like.
7. Edit the Separators: if necessary.
8. Click OK.

Your dates should display in accordance with your choices.




We are very excited to announce that this new version is fully native on Apple silicone M1 processor Macs, taking full advantage of all the speed and performance of Apple silicone.

To commemorate this milestone, we are excited to announce that we have changed the name to FastTrack Schedule 2022.

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