In what file formats can I export my schedule from FastTrack Schedule Go?

Schedules from FastTrack Schedule Go can be exported and shared in two file formats: FastTrack Schedule Go and XML.

 FastTrack Schedule Go

FastTrack Schedule Go files are native to FastTrack Schedule Go. These files can be opened by other FastTrack Schedule Go users. All of the data in the schedule, as well as custom-defined Layouts and Filters are stored in the file. Schedules also remain in a filtered state (report) when opened by another FastTrack Schedule Go user.


XML files can be opened by  Microsoft Project users. The text data in the schedule are stored. Customizations defined in FastTrack Schedule Go are not transferred.


The dashboard in FastTrack Schedule Go can be exported in two file formats: PDF and PNG.


This is a static image of the dashboard at the time of export. Only the dashboard can be exported in these file formats.

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