What is the difference between Activity and Task columns?

In FastTrack Schedule 10, data is stored in columns in one of two ways: per bar (Task) or per row (Activity). FastTrack Schedule supports multiple bars per row, however, there is some data that's limited to only being stored per row. For example, there can only be one Activity Name for each row (activity). However, some activities can be recurring, therefore, have multiple bars (tasks) within that row (activity). With multiple bars per row, there is data which is unique to each bar (task), like duration, start date and finish date.



FastTrack Schedule Go provides a matching column for both possible sets of data. Data from the FastTrack Schedule file will appear in the corresponding column, based on whether the data is stored per bar or per row.

For example, by default, customizable Text columns are set to store data per row. Unless modified, expect to find custom text data in FastTrack Schedule to appear within the Activity Text 1 column (and not Task Text 1).


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