Can I combine or work with multiple files in a single FastTrack Schedule file?

Consolidation enables users to combine separate FastTrack Schedule files into one master document.  This is a powerful feature to create a single top-level report of multiple projects. 

To consolidate multiple FastTrack Schedules:

1.  Create a new blank document. 

2.  In the new empty schedule, go to the File menu, choose Consolidate > Define

3.  Click the Add button and choose a file you would like to include in the Master File.

4.  Repeat this process until you have added all files you wish to merge together.

5.  Click the Update All button to bring all of the subordinate files into the Master File. 


If changes are saved to any of the subordinate files, they can be brought into the Master File by going to the File menu, and selecting Consolidate > Get Updates.  However, changes made to the Master file will not be applied to the subordinate files.  It is recommended that a common Work Calendar is used for all subordinate files as well as the Master File.

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