How can I print a FastTrack Schedule schedule to just one page?

The printing of data in FastTrack Schedule is consistent with the data shown on screen (such as the working area of the Schedule View).  Keep in mind that the more data  a schedule contains, the more difficult it is to display everything on one readable, printable page.

There are three features in the application that assist in controlling the data shown in the Schedule View.  Ranges modify the visible area of the Timeline Graph.  Layouts provide saved groupings of visible columns.  Filters are similar to a search, hiding rows that do not match provided criteria.

By going to the Schedule menu, you can use Ranges, Layouts, and Filters that have been included with the program, or you can create and save your own.  These tools will help you to narrow down schedule data to just the information desired for printing or reporting, allowing you to pinpoint and display specific project details.

Additional print options are also available via the File menu by choosing Page Options.  For instance, choosing ‘Fit to Pages’ and changing ‘Number of Pages Across’ to ‘1’ will automatically resize the timeline units so that the timeline graphs fits to one page horizontally.

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