How do I show only activities a particular resource has been assigned to in FastTrack Schedule 10?

FastTrack Schedule 10 Filters allow a user to search in a specified column for a value. Based on the defined search criteria, the matching rows will be displayed.

Create a filter to show a specific resource's assignments:

1. While in Schedule View, go to the Schedule menu

2. Select Filters > Define...

3. Select New...

4. Rename filter to resource name

5. Go to Column/Value Criteria tab

6. Under Column, select Resources Assigned (or other column name used)

7. Under Test, select = (Equal to)

8. Under Value, enter *resource name* (asterisks are used to open the search for activities in which multiple resources are assigned)

To see all of your rows again (unfilter), click on Restore All button (red arrow at the bottom left corner of schedule) or from the Schedule menu, select Filters > Restore All.

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