How do I assign a resource to an activity in FastTrack Schedule 10?

First, create resources in the Resource View of FastTrack Schedule 10. Enter the names of the known resources that will be used towards the completion of the project. Resources can be company employees, independent consultants, rented equipment, and rented venues; anything contributing to the completion of the project for which you need to manage time or cost.


To create resources in Resource View:

1. From the View menu, select Resource View

2. Under Resource Name column, click on the first cell

3. Enter Resource Name

4. Press Enter (it will take you to the next Row)

5. Enter next Resource Name

Once you have created a list of resources, they may be assigned to activities.

The most effective way to assign resources is through the Information Form for an activity.

1. From the View menu, select Schedule View

2. Double-click on the activity bar in the timeline graph (Information Form should appear)

3. Select the Assignments Tab

4. Click on Select Resource (value list of resources entered in Resource View should appear)

5. Click on the resource you would like to assign to the activity

**Although resources can be assigned using the Resources Assigned column, the slightest inconsistency in spelling, spacing, or capitalization will result in the creation of a new resource. This could prevent accurate reporting of cost summaries or potential conflicts.

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