How can I change my entire schedule to start at a later date?

Activities can be recalculated in FastTrack Schedule 10 by taking advantage of Critical Path Method scheduling. By creating dependencies between tasks, known as links, the dates of an activity can be affected by changes made to another activity. For example, if an activity such as ‘Development’ cannot begin until ‘Planning’ is complete, ‘Development’ must be linked to ‘Planning’ in order for it to be rescheduled if there are any changes to ‘Planning’.

To get started with linking, begin by selecting two rows you would like to create a relationship for, then from the Edit menu, select Link, or use the Link Bars tool in the toolbar (or Home tab in Ribbon Bar. Now make a change to the start date, finish date, or duration of the first activity (known as the predecessor) and notice how this changes the second activity. More information can be found on linking in the Help menu > Contents, see ‘Linking Bars’, as well as an instructional tutorial also found in the Help menu.

If FastTrack Schedule’s CPM linking structure is used, all tasks should shift according to a new project start date.

To change the project start date in FastTrack Schedule 10:
1. While in Schedule View, go to the Project menu
2. Select Project Information
3. Define Project Start Date

If the tasks are not linked together or changing the Project Start Date made no changes to the schedule, use the Shift function. The Shift function will shift all bars and items (i.e. textboxes) according to the defined number of work units. For example, a project's first task is scheduled to start on a specific date. Other tasks in the schedule are not linked together and have start and finish dates defined. The entire schedule needs to be revised to occur 1 month later than the scheduled dates.

To shift the entire schedule:
1. While in Schedule View, go to the Tools menu
2. Select Shift > Schedule
3. Select Forward, 1, Work Months (change these settings according to the direction of shift and the desired number of work units)
4. Click Shift
5. Click Done when desired shift has been applied

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