Can FastTrack Schedule open files created in Microsoft Project®? Can I send my FastTrack Schedule files to colleagues using Microsoft Project®?

FastTrack Schedule 10 has the ability to open Microsoft Project® files directly within the application. The Microsoft Project ®document can be saved as an .MPP file or saved as an .MPX or .XML file. These file types can all be opened in FastTrack Schedule 10 by going to the File menu and choosing Open. Navigate to a .MPP, .MPX, or .XML file you would like to open.

To open a FastTrack Schedule file in Microsoft Project
®, you must first export the FastTrack Schedule file as either an XML or MPX. Go to the File (or Application Button) > Export menu and choose the format you wish to export to. Microsoft Project XML is a newer file format containing more schedule data.

NEW in FastTrack Schedule 10, is the ability to automate integration with Microsoft Project® at two different points: when opening and when saving these files. To apply these settings, go to Application Options/Preferences, Save tab, under Additional Save Options.

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