What is the difference between the Single-User and Concurrent-User versions of FastTrack Schedule?

The Single-User license of FastTrack Schedule is designed to allow one individual to install and use the application directly to their computer. A Concurrent-User license is one license (or serial number) that will allow up to a certain amount of users to simultaneously use the application, typically 5, 10, or 25 users. The Concurrent-User application is to be installed on a server and accessed remotely by each user of FastTrack Schedule. If a 5-user license is purchased, up to five users can use FastTrack Schedule at a given time. However, if a sixth computer attempts to run the application, they will be prompted that the number of permitted uses has been exceeded, and they will not have the ability to use the application until one of the five original users closes FastTrack Schedule.

Key enhancement to Concurrent-User versions include:
• Global default templates
• Locally stored preferences
• Concurrent-usage monitoring
• Built-in Key Code System for adding additional licenses

Network administrators can also establish a global default schedule and by capturing preferred settings or easily add licenses without reinstalling using our built-in Key Code System. For additional information, please visit: http://www.aecsoftware.com/project-management-software/fasttrack-schedule-concurrent/

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