Exporting Schedules to iCalendar, Calendar, Google Calendar and Outlook

For many of your projects, you need to be able to send key data to field personnel, project managers, stakeholders, Owners, or Banks so they can see the plan no matter where they are. One of the best options for sharing project data is to export the project to a .ics file, which can be imported into applications such as Calendar and Google Calendars. When files are imported to these apps, you have the ability to see when tasks start and finish from any computer and from mobile devices.

FastTrack Schedule 2022 can export all or select tasks so they can be opened directly by various calendar apps. You have the ability to export an entire file, or you can create Filters to export only specific data. For example, you can create a filter to show only tasks for a specific resource, i.e., sub-contractor, so that when the file is exported, they will only see their assigned tasks. 

The first step in doing this is to switch to a Layout called the “iCalendar Layout,” which will display columns for all data that can be exported. You see key project information, including Activity Name, Notes corresponding to our tasks, Location, and Attendee information, and task Duration/Date/Time information.

Here, you can see a project that contains all of the information that you would like to export and share with our field personnel, project managers, and sub-contractors. The next step is to export the data. To do this, go to File > Export > iCalendar.

After you have exported our data from FastTrack Schedule 10, you can then import the .ics file into our desired application. Follow these steps. (Steps will vary by application.)

1. Go to Open > Open Calendar

2. Browse to the location the .ics file has been saved to.

3. Select Open to import the file into your calendar.


Now you can view your entire project anywhere you have access to the calendar app, including mobile locations. You may even view additional details and set reminders for tasks by double-clicking on the event in the calendar app.

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