Percent Complete - entering the Percent Complete

Want to change the percent complete for a task (bar)? There are several ways to do it.

1. You can graphically edit the Percent Complete for a bar with the "Edit percent complete tool" or

2. You can type the percent complete into a data cell in the % Complete column or

3. You can edit the percent complete in the Information form or

4. You can edit the Percent Complete for a bar by using the Value List popup in the Percent Complete column.

Need more choices in the % Complete popup? It's easy. Just revise the Value List. For example, revise the list to show numbers from zero to one hundred percent. 

  1. Download this file: Click here to download 'Percent Complete - Custom Value List 1 percent increments'
  2. Open the file named ‘Percent Complete - Custom Value List 1 percent increments.txt.’
  3. From the Edit menu, select ‘Select All’.
  4. From the Edit menu, select ‘Copy.’
  5. Open your FastTrack Schedule 2024 file.
  6. Display the Percent Complete column in your Layout. 
  7. Format the Percent Complete column. The percent complete dialog (sheet) will open.
  8. Select the Value List tab. 
  9. Select the radio button ‘Custom Value List.’
  10. Select the ‘Clear List’ button. 
  11. Select the ‘Paste List’ button to paste the 0 to 100 values into the Value List. 
  12. Click OK. 
  13. In the Percent Complete column, edit the values in the cell using the Value List popup.


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